Brandon Gardner The Black Jew Wealth Coach standing on Broad St.

Brandon Gardner

The Black Jew Wealth Coach

Born in Philadelphia, Brandon Gardner, better known to his online community as Black Jew Wealth Coach, was captivated by the transformative power of real estate. Raised by a resourceful mother who bought her first property at 19, Brandon grew up witnessing the strategic planning of his mother and, later, stepfather as they moved between Canada and California, purchasing investment properties to build a sizable real estate portfolio.

Brandon often says, “I used to dream of having a building of my own one day,” a vision that stayed with him even as he faced life-altering challenges, which included losing both of his grandfathers.  Their loss struck him hard but didn’t diminish his enthusiasm for real estate.

By 24, Brandon’s passion materialized into a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio and a $1 million cleaning business. However, a twist of fate led to a decade-long prison sentence that stripped him of his flagship properties. It was a setback but also an opportunity for profound learning and growth.

During his incarceration, Brandon discovered the fundamentals of business credit and business funding, all while mastering the nuances of maintaining a stellar personal credit score and realizing the advantages of leveraging OPM (Other People’s Money) to rebound in the property game.

Emerging from this experience, Brandon was relentless in rebuilding his empire. Not only did he purchase properties again, but he also enhanced his portfolio with even 

more intelligent investment strategies. It was more than a comeback; it was a rebirth that turned him into an influential figure in real estate investing.

In addition to his numerous accomplishments, Brandon is the author of three impactful books: “How to Rob the Bank Legally,” “How to Get Your Lick Back,” and “Why Real Estate Investing is the Future of Wealth Creation.” These works are valuable supplements to his educational initiatives, reinforcing his mission to empower people through financial literacy and smart investment strategies.

Today, Brandon Gardner is not just a real estate magnate but a revered wealth coach transforming lives by imparting practical wisdom. He has mentored hundreds of individuals, guiding them to improve their credit scores, establish solid business credit, and understand the untapped potential of real estate investment.

Brandon’s philosophy is clear: “My goal is to teach young people it’s not about how much money they make, but what they do with it.”
His journey, filled with its fair share of ups and downs, is an inspiring testament to what can be achieved through resilience, education, and the right investment mindset.

Whether closing deals or teaching financial literacy, Brandon Gardner, aka Black Jew Wealth Coach, remains a formidable force committed to enriching lives, one investment and one lesson at a time.

Brandon Gardner The Black Jew Wealth Coach