Yum China’s Tech Investment Enables Expansion without Additional Staff

Author: The Black Jew Wealth Coach

Key Points:

  • Yum China is investing more in technology
  • CEO Joey Wat spoke about this investment in a CNBC interview
  • Technology allows the company to open new stores without hiring more employees

Hot Take:

Yum China’s strategic move to invest more in technology demonstrates a smart approach to scaling their operations efficiently. By leveraging technology, they can expand their store presence without the burden of additional labor costs. This establishes Yum China as an example of a company that is successfully striking a balance between leveraging technology for growth and maintaining a focus on customer-driven expansion. Their choice to embrace technology has the potential to serve as a blueprint for other businesses seeking to efficiently and sustainably scale their operations.

Original article:https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/15/yum-china-says-tech-let-it-open-stores-without-needing-more-staff.html

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